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JUNE 26-29

For kids 3 years old* through completed 4th grade

* By January 1, 2017. Children must be potty trained.

One week each year in the life of our church we intentionally focus our attention to the kids of RDU. Kids Week is a time for us to share the good news of the gospel with as many kids as possible in a fun, engaging, relevant way.

If there was ever a time for you to invite the kids in your neighborhood to church, this week is it!

This week will be filled with games, crafts, snacks, and most importantly looking into God’s Word. We will start and end everyday with high-energy worship that the kids will love!

Thursday will not be a drop-off day, but a time for parents to stay with their kids and see what their kids have been up to for the last week and enjoy hanging out with other families.

Where does Kids Week take place?

Kids Week takes place at a number of our campuses across the Triangle.

Preschool (Mornings)

Preschool Kids Week is offered at our Brier Creek campus only

Register to attend and/or volunteer using the link below.

Elementary (Evenings)

Brier Creek, Blue Ridge, Cary (Cary High), Durham (Braggtown), North Raleigh

Register to attend and/or volunteer using the link below.

Brier Creek Campus

Preschool & Elementary
2335 Presidential Dr, Durham, NC 27703, USA

Blue Ridge Campus

Elementary Students Only
6-8:15 PM

3249 Blue Ridge Rd, Raleigh, NC 27612, USA

Cary Campus (Cary High School)

Elementary Students Only
6-8:15 PM

638 Walnut St, Cary, NC 27511, USA

North Raleigh Campus

Elementary Students Only
6-8:15 PM

5808 Departure Dr, Raleigh, NC 27616, USA

Durham (Braggtown)

Elementary Students Only
6-8:15 PM

3218 N Roxboro St, Durham, NC 27704, USA

Frequent Questions

What age group is Kids Week for?

Kids Week is designed for 3 yrs (by Jan. 1, 2017) thru completed 4th grade. All kids attending Kids Week must be potty trained.

Where is Kids Week?

For elementary (completed K-4th), Kids Week is happening at:

  • Blue Ridge
  • Brier Creek
  • Cary
  • North Durham
  • North Raleigh

For preschool (3 Yrs by Jan 1, 2017- Rising K), Kids Week is happening at

  • Brier Creek
What time is Kids Week?

For elementary (completed K-4th), Kids Week is 6:00pm-8:15pm, Monday-Thursday.

For preschool (3 yrs- Rising K), Kids Week is 9:30am-11:30am, Monday-Thursday.

Why are preschool & elementary separated?

We are separating these age groups for many reasons, but here are the top 3:

  1. The gospel: Kids Week exists because we desire to provide a special platform for parents to disciple their kids in evangelism, and we desire to share the gospel with kids from all over RDU!  
    1. Why do we pray for our friends to know Jesus?
    2. Why are we inviting them to hear about Jesus?  
    3. Why is it important for everyone to receive the gospel?

These are the key questions that we want to give you space to discuss before, during, and after Kids Week. With this in mind, we feel elementary-aged kids are best prepared to receive this teaching and respond to the gospel, so our campuses are focusing on that age group. We still want families who desire the Kids Week experience for their preschoolers to have that option, so we will be providing an amazing experience for them at our Brier Creek Campus.

  1. Excellence: Creating two separate experiences allows us to increase the quality of each age-specific experience as well as make it more developmentally appropriate for each age group.   The music selection (and volume level!), the format of the sessions, the time of day, and the communication strategies can all be geared towards each specific age group for the first time. We are very excited about this!
  2. Logistics: Multiple campuses were at max capacity last year when trying to accommodate both preschool & elementary together (we had over 775 kids attend last year!).  So to allow for growth, and more importantly, to allow kids to invite their friends, we are freeing up lots of space by designing separate Kids Week experiences this year.
What if I have a preschooler and an elementary schooler?

If you must choose between the two, we recommend allowing your elementary schooler to attend the night session.  There are 2 main reasons for this: we believe your elementary schooler will get more out of the week, and this location is closer to your home. Focus with them on inviting friends (schoolmates, teammates, neighbors, family members) who don’t know the gospel, and celebrate with them when some are able to attend!

Is there a cost for Kids Week?

No! It’s free 🙂

If I serve at the night session and have a preschooler, where will they go?

There will be childcare for kids of volunteers (6 weeks thru pre-K)!  We are working very hard to make sure your preschooler will enjoy their childcare experience!

If I serve at the morning session and have an elementary schooler, where will they go?

We plan to have childcare available for Nursery (6 weeks- 2 years) as well as elementary schoolers during the morning session.

I have a child with Special Needs. Are there any options at kids week for my child?

Yes! We want to partner with all our families for Kids Week, so please communicate with your Summit Kids staff member about any special needs that your kids have and we will work together with you to make sure it’s an enjoyable experience for them!

Is there a cost for Kids Week?

No! It’s free 🙂

What does the schedule of the week look like?

Parents can check kids in Monday-Wednesday and choose to serve with us or pick their kids up at the end of the session.  Thursday will be a day where you attend WITH your kids!  It will be a “Family Worship Night”-type atmosphere that will be family-friendly and everyone will have a blast!

If you have any further questions, please contact the Summit Kids staff member at your campus and they will be happy to help!  If you aren’t sure who your Summit Kids staff member is, then feel free to email our Family Ministry Admin, Jenny Berger (

Register your child for Kids Week

Preschool (Mornings)

Kids 3 Years Old by January 1, 2017  Rising Kindergarten

Register to attend and/or volunteer using the link below.

Elementary (Evenings)

Completed Kindergarten – Completed 4th Grade

Register to attend and/or volunteer using the link below.

Hosted by The Summit Church